Fayetteville, AR

Monday 15th
Hatha Practice
Basic Pranayama–3 part breathing, Ujjayi, Alternate nostril breathing
Learning the 5 families of asana; how to teach them as a group
8 limbs of yoga
4 paths of yoga
Yama & Niyama
From Karma to Dharma
Shat Kriyas

Tuesday 16th
Gentle Practice
Anatomy and Physiology
Asana breakdown (poses TBD)

Wednesday 17th
Astanga Practice
Advancing Pranayama–Full chalice, Empty chalice progressions
Bandhas–3 primary, 3 secondary
Asana breakdown (poses TBD)

Thursday 18th
Vinyasa practice
The yoga of creation
Gunas and Tattvas
Bhakti 101–understanding the Hindu pantheon
Sanscrit mantras

Friday 19th
Kundalini practice
Advancing pranayama–breath of fire, kapalabhakti, bastrika
Chitta and Manas–the science of the mind
Aspects of mind
Controlling the mind through pranayama and meditation
Kundalini asana breakdown

Saturday 20th
Hatha Practice
Asana breakdown (poses TBD)
Vinyasa practice
The art of sequencing & crafting vinyasa
Holding space
Grounding and shielding yourself
How to read the room
Seeing the poses on the body
Monday 22nd
Gentle practice
Advancing pranayama–stroke breathing, sitali breathing, solar/lunar variations
Modifications for poses learned to date
How to make it gentle with what you know

Tuesday 23rd
Kundalini Practice
Integrating Kundalini movements into Hatha practice
10 Sikh saints & Tantric numerology
Subtle anatomy–all subtle bodies, pranic winds, meridians, chakras, neuro-circuits

Wednesday 24th
Yoga Nidra study
The Lower Triangle practice

Thursday 25th
Practice teach round robin
Heart, Arcline and Aura Practice

Friday 26th
Teaching and practicum
The Upper Triangle practice

Saturday 27th
Teaching and practicum

Sunday 27th
Testing and graduation

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